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Columbus Ohio Eviction Attorney

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Columbus Ohio Eviction Attorney

Andy Ruzicho has been working in the area of landlord tenant law and as a Columbus Ohio Eviction At- torney since 1994. He has experience in all aspects of the landlord tenant relationship and has per- formed a wide variety of eviction cases. Mr. Ruzicho seeks to process evictions in a quick and e cient manner. He prides his ability to give individual attention to landlords and their property management needs. Other rms can be bogged down with hundreds of cases and let your situation slip through the cracks. He will work with landlords to ensure that their case is on the docket as soon as possible. He will also work towards processing the eviction matter without the landlord’s attendance at the eviction hearing if that is your preference. Some cases do, however, require the attendance of the landlord or property manager at the hearing. Franklin County Municipal Court will require it in situations where the tenant disputes any of the material facts of the case.

Mr. Ruzicho is able to employ a broad variety of strategies to reach a desired result and landlords should understand that their ultimate goal can be met (and sometimes surpassed) through di erent means other than an eviction judgment. Oftentimes, the desired result can be achieved more quickly through an agreed entry with the tenant.

Unlike many other lawyers practicing in this area, Mr. Ruzicho will pursue the second cause of action for damages against the tenant. A discussion with the landlord or property manager will be necessary to determine if this is the best course of action.

If you need a Columbus Ohio Eviction Attorney, please do not hesitate to contact Andy Ruzicho at 614-447-2365.

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kevin – 03/18/2014

I hired Mr. Ruzicho to help me sue and garnish a former tenant that skipped out on their lease and de- stroyed my property. It took some time to get through the process but sure enough, Mr. Ruzicho was able to get a judgment for me, get the people served, AND get the garnishments started!

I have not had many positive past experiences with attorneys, but Andy Ruzicho did a great job on my case for a very reasonable fee and I can t tell you how glad I am that he was referred to me.

John 03/15/2014
I learned of Andy Ruzicho’s legal practice in the late 1990 s. I have used him for general legal research, mediation and tenant legal issues several times over the passing years. Andy has a sharp mind and a prudent view of the law which helps him make fair judgements and o er sound advice. His rates are fair and he works quite hard to make sure the best interests of his clients are served.

Andy Ruzicho is an amazing Columbus Ohio Eviction Attorney who I have trusted and worked with for over 10 years! I have managed over 1000 units in the Columbus area and have used Andy in every legal situation we found ourselves in! Each situation is always different in their own ways but Andy Brings the same knowledge and professional advice to help myself and my company get through everything! I highly recommend Andy for all your real estate needs! Mike Groeniger

Eric 02/23/2014
I have worked with Andrew Ruzicho since 1996 and have always found him to be a hard working aggressive Columbus Ohio Eviction Attorney who zealously looks after his clients. His experience goes from state to federal court and it is di cult for me to imagine an attorney I would less like to go up against.

Saeriya H 06/25/2011
I was really lucky to have this Columbus Ohio Eviction Attorney defend my case. He knew exactly what he had to do, and was extremely efficient about it. Also, he was very compassionate. It was a great experience and I would highly recommend him.