Circleville Ohio Eviction Attorney

Circleville Ohio Eviction Attorney
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Circleville Ohio Eviction Attorney
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Andy Ruzicho has been working in the area of landlord tenant law and as a Circleville Ohio Eviction Attorney since 1994. Landlords often have several questions when it comes to the eviction process.

To begin the eviction process, the landlord or property manager must post a three day eviction notice. In certain cases, a ten day notice is required, for example, with land installment contracts and federally subsidized tenancies. Once the eviction notice expires, the landlord can le an eviction complaint with the court.
Generally, an eviction notice is posted as a result of the tenant breaching the terms of the lease. Most often, nonpayment of rent is overwhelming breach of lease that results in an eviction. If you have a grace period in your lease, you need to wait until after the grace period before you can post the three day notice.

When calculating the three day notice period, the day of posting does not count and neither do weekends and holidays.

In Circleville Municipal Court, the landlord must attend the hearing with the attorney. The entire eviction process normally takes about four weeks from start to finish. If you wish to pursue a damages claim against your tenant then a second hearing will be scheduled for that purpose. Usually, the second hearing is set for a date 45 or so days out from the first hearing. You are not required to pursue the second cause for damages but in some cases it may make sense to do so, for example, if the tenant is currently employed.

If you require aid with your eviction action in Circleville, Ohio, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Ruzicho.