Madison County Eviction Attorney

Madison County Eviction Attorney

Andrew J. Ruzicho II, Esq.
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Madison County Eviction Attorney
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Andrew Ruzicho has been working as a Madison County Eviction Attorney and in the area of Ohio Landlord Tenant Law since 1994. He has conducted a variety of cases in Madison County courts including evictions, damages actions, and other landlord tenant matters. In addition to eviction matters, Mr. Ruzicho can help landlords with drafting and revising leases, various legal notices required throughout a tenancy, advice on how to proceed in landlord tenant matters, collection of unpaid monies and dam- ages, security deposit returns and related matters.

Mr. Ruzicho understands that time is of the essence in eviction and other landlord tenant matters and strives to perform cases and legal work in a timely and e cient manner on behalf of his clients.

Mr. Ruzicho first became familiar with the Madison County Courthouse as a participant in the annual Marigold Classic 5k held in August of each year. The event, unfortunately, is no longer held but was al- ways highly anticipated. In 1988, Mr. Ruzicho was lucky enough to lead all runners at the Marigold Clas- sic and just narrowly missed the course record of 15:08.

Also performing evictions and landlord tenant cases in Union County (Marysville), Clark County, Pick- away County and surrounding areas.