Can I get an Ohio eviction off my record?

Once an eviction is filed with the court, the court record that it has been filed cannot be erased or expunged or taken off your record.  Most Ohio municipal courts are now online and have a public access search function (aka case records or case search).  The public access search function allows the general public to search court records online.  This can be done by simply searching for a tenant or landlord or party by that party’s name.

Unlike certain criminal records, eviction filings cannot be taken off your record.  Your eviction case may have been dismissed (and the court record will show that) but the fact that it was filed will remain on your court record.  A tenant can request that their former landlord vacate the eviction judgment but that does nothing to take the eviction off your record.  Most landlords will not be willing to vacate a judgment especially if the tenant still owes money.

Credit reporting agencies will discover the eviction filing and note it on your credit record as well.  It may remain on your credit report for up to eight years.  In light of all this, the best method to take an eviction off your record is to avoid one in the first place.