Free Ohio Eviction Notice

Free Ohio Eviction Notice – click here to download

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Are you looking for an Ohio three day eviction notice. I’ve included a sample eviction notice above. This eviction notice can be used in nonpayment of rent situations and for other breaches of the lease agreement.

If the tenant has failed to keep his or her obligations under ORC section 5321.05 then the landlord will have to issue a 30 day notice. If the matter has not been corrected after 30 days then the landlord issues a 3 day eviction notice.

In certain situations a 10 day notice is required (land installment contracts and subsidized housing). In both of those instances, the tenant has the ability to remedy the breach during the 10 day period.

Check your lease agreement before issuing an eviction notice. Some lease agreements provide for a longer notice period. If that is the case, you may have to issue a notice in accordance with the language of the lease agreement.

If you have questions concerning which eviction notice is appropriate for your circumstances, you should contact an attorney.

We also have a book explaining the Ohio Eviction Process and it includes all relevant legal forms that you will need for the eviction process.